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Digital Photo printing Brisbane

Brisbane's only onsite one hour colour 35mm Film Processing C41 colour negative service including film from disposable and single use cameras including underwater cameras.

Black & White film develop scan print.

Want to process your own black & white film we now stock film processing chemicals in Brisbane. Click on the Buy Film button, chemicals are below film on the list.

We print on Kodak Professional photo paper

Fotofast have been the experts in developing and printing in Brisbane for over twenty five years. We use the latest technology and finest quality materials to make photos you'll treasure forever. No matter what brand of film you have our equipment will develop and print it to perfection. There is a wide range of print sizes, borders and surfaces available. We process on site in Brisbane in a real photo lab, not a garage, with a 1 hour service for C41 process six days a week.

Our equipment prints the frame number on the back of every photo which helps selecting the perfect shot for enlargement.

Photo processing equipment - Fotofast operate an Agfa D3 digital photo printer and Agfa FP200 film processor.

film types - we develop, print and scan all brands of C41 process film on-site. 35mm, APS & 120 only. This includes Black & White film that is designed to process through colour chemistry. We also develop True Black & White film, ready from just 3-5 days. We can cross process 35mm & 120 film, which gives increased contrast and saturation with a lean to yellow hues.

print finish surfaces - All our printing services are available in Matte or up to 5x7" on gloss. Glossy is ideal for general-purpose photography. It gives the print extra depth and contrast. Matte is recommended when the print is to be framed, for display or when people will be handling the photos often. The matte surface does not show finger prints as much as a glossy photo does.

scanning - can be done at the same time of processing or afterwards. Scaning 35mm film is cheaper to scan at time of developing.

service time - Developing & printing orders from 35mm and APS film are completed in just 60 minutes. For 120 films and true black & white, the service time 3-5 days. We accept orders for same day film processing right up till one hour before the store close.

Film Processing Mail Order Fast Service to anywhere in Australia

Film processing, Brisbane, Queensland, NSW Sydney New South Wales NSW, Adelaide, South Australia SA, Tasmania Hobart TAS, Perth WA Western Australia, Darwin Northern Territory NT.

Send in a padded bag to


Shop 3/4

200 Mogill Road


QLD 4068

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Enclosed full details using the form below, of what you want done, name, address, contact phone number, we will contact you as soon as we recieve your film re payment.

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