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Canvas printing has become one of the most popular methods of photo art reproduction especially over last few years. The home decor market has witnessed significant changes, one of which consumers are moving away from traditional picture framing over the stretched canvas prints. This is primarily due to the expensive custom picture framing prices and limited selections of non-trendy framing options offered by various large big box stores and small print shops. Canvas prints are the inexpensive alternative, they also provide more of a contemporary, elegant and artistic manner of showcasing your collection of wall decor and memorable photos.

Canvas Printing & Stretching Process

Our process is customized according to the requirements of each order. However, aside from the actual printing everything else is handled by hand.


Prepress - A great deal of time is dedicated to this stage, your photos are rendered at the highest possible resolution, graphically enhanced to maximize the print clarity, quality and color consistency. We smartly apply adjustments to the contrast, brightness to ensure your prints looks its best.


Printing - Your photos are printed onto archival matte canvas material using our high-end photo art reproduction printers which are equipped with vivid archival photo quality Lucia inks. These inks provide an extremely large color gamut, optimal vibrancy, rich black and white prints along with seamless gradations. The end result is a beautiful, high quality photo art reproduction.


Lamination - Once printed, each canvas print is laminated using our ArtShield film laminates and pressure and heat treated so laminate embeds itself in between the canvas fibers. This process provides maximum long lasting protection for your images, alleviates silvering and prevents fading.


Stretching - The prints are then hand-stretched and gallery wrapped onto a heavy-duty canvas stretcher frame which are available in two different thicknesses (Thin (3/4 inch) and Thick (1 3/4 inch). The thick frames are our most popular it provides more depth from the wall. The hanging hardware is then added to the backside of the canvas wrap and carefully packaged.

Inks and Print Quality

Our canvas photo art prints are glicee printed. Your digital photos are printed using specially formulated 8-12 color archival ink sets which offer a wide color gamut and produce stunning, sharp images, brilliant colors with optimal DMAX. Our presses have been expertly color profiled to deliver consistent color and exceptional detail. Unlike other canvas printers, we prefer to render your images to a minimum of 300 dpi and set to print using the maximum print resolution on our large format canvas printers. The printing process is much slower but it produces are great looking canvas photo print worth showcasing on your wall space.

Canvas Material

The canvas material(s) we use are all specially coated which optical brighteners which enhances the image color vibrancy and detail to make your canvas pop. We only use high quality 450 gsm, archival grade, poly/cotton matte canvases for all of our canvas photo printing projects. We offer 3 different finishing (laminating) options for added image protection which also adds a matte, low luster or photo realistic appearance.

Canvas Stretching

We use the traditional method of hand stretching all of our canvases. Using our signature wrap process, each corner is meticulously cut, side-folded and wrapped to create a professionally wrapped appearance. On the backside, each wrapped side is carefully trimmed for a clean, finished look and the hanging components are affixed to each piece so it’s ready to hang out of the box.

Canvas Frames

All of our canvas frames are constructed using heavy-duty, but lightweight Canadian basswood. Each corner is fastened with 3 or more galvanized v-nails so the frame maintains its integrity over time even within the harshest environments. Our stretcher bars are very strong and robust which also prevent warping and excessive tension-loss of our stretched canvas prints.

We absolutely do not use the cheap quality plywood or MDF wood frames nor glue the prints to them, as this is what most of the big box and craft stores currently doing. Those are cheap solutions which will degrade and fall apart over a short time period, leaving you at a loss.
Canvas n Decor cares about its quality and strives to deliver the best possible photo art prints to our customers whilst ensuring each canvas print remains looking great for years to come.

Our Canvas Photo Prints last a lifetime

We produce our canvas wrap the proper way, without cutting corners and avoid using those horrible spray laminates. Spray laminates may look reasonable at a glance but over time they begin to crack, peel, and yellow. Leaving your photo exposed to the negative elements such as humidity, dust and harmful UV rays.

You never have to worry about our prints ever fading, cracking, yellowing or endure any kind of degrading over time. Each print is professionally laminated using the very best archival laminates in the industry. Our film laminates provide optimal protection from negative environment elements, scratches and fading. The laminates include UV stabilizers which preserves your canvas photos up to 200 years. Our prints can be wiped cleaned with any soft cloth using water, Windex or any other glass cleaning agent.

Customize your Canvas Photo Prints for FREE

Our new online photo editor tool allows you to customize your digital, Instagram and Facebook canvas photos with a large collection of stylish effects, colorization options, custom text and much more. Most of the people's keepsake photo collections have a significant sentimental value. Personalizing them with a time or date stamp or special message to remember that time in your life makes each print so much more meaningful as opposed to printing any ordinary picture without any personalization at all.

There is really no limit to the amount of words you can use, add heart felt poems or messages for your loved ones, include your wedding vows on your wedding photos, special dates of auspicious occasions and colorize the borders of each print to match your wall paint. Personalize your next canvas photo gift with Canvas n Decor’s easy online canvas photo designer.

Standard Gallery Wrap

Create a beautiful, high quality piece of canvas photo art on a gallery wrapped canvas panel.

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