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Digital Ink Jet

Make your flexo press a state-of-the-art hybrid digital web press.

Industrial Inkjet Printer If you are a label printer with existing flexo presses and in-line finishing equipment who needs to handle shorter run-lengths and demands for faster turn-arounds, you need hybrid printing. By adding a DICEweb inkjet print engine to an existing flexo press, you can get the best of both analog and digital worlds, while making use of your current tooling without the need to move jobs between machines. Prototype & Production Systems.

Product manufacturers can use DICE™ conveyor printers for ‘late stage customization’ of individual products, replacing conventional screen-printing and pad-printing processes.

The new DICEweb system adds color digital inkjet capability to any existing press. The system includes everything required to convert a flexo or offset press into a digital hybrid press. Print small jobs 100% digitally, avoiding setup expense. Print larger jobs with traditional analog process, except now with color variable data capability. Preserve your investment in downstream processes and web handling by adding inkjet to your existing equipment.

Technology for Maximum Digital Print Quality

Our innovative web transport employs an arched roller system that holds the web substrate tight to the idlers. This eliminates waviness in the substrate and maintains the exact nozzle to substrate tolerance necessary to achieve maximum digital print quality. In addition, our low friction idlers do not scratch or otherwise affect any back printing on your substrate, which can occur on systems that employ a flat or arched plate in the web transport.


  • Produce 4-color process jobs without plates, set-up, registration issues or clean-up.
  • Combine analog and digital print on the same job
  • Print Speeds up to 360 fpm (110m/min)
  • Print widths from 2.5" to 20" (wider versions available by special order)
  • 6-colors - CMYK + 2 spot or extended gamut process colors (orange/green/violet, etc)
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