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Define Litho

Rather curiously and suggestively no mention is made in this immediate connection of the technique of lithotomy.

lithotomy cost 51 marks, or half of that if the patient died.

The patient is placed in the lithotomy position and the various antiseptic precautions already described are carried out.

The etherized patient, his bladder having been emptied, should be placed in the lithotomy position.

In the operation of lithotomy he recommended that the blade of the knife should be guarded by a tube.

Also was advised the extraction of diseased teeth; and the operation of lithotomy was described with considerable care.

Five are scalpels of different shapes; the sixth has a curved cutting instrument at one end and at the other a lithotomy scoop.

The work of lithotomy is not any longer regarded with the dread which formerly attended it.

The patient must be tied up in lithotomy position on a table in the very best light that can be obtained.

The patient is in the lithotomy position, the speculum is passed and the cervix pulled down by a tenaculum.

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